Using Spray Paint to Spruce Up Decor

Spray paint can be a game changer, especially with junky stuff that could have ended up in the trash. Spray paint can transform the dull into the dazzling! You can turn everything from furniture to toys into brand new shiny looking additions to your home, office and decor. Everything looks more expensive. It's basically the Midas touch in a can. Here are some ideas that, by using a can of spray paint, will bring a glow to everything that was old and is new again.    


Rock Bookends Take a couple of odd shaped rocks, spray paint them shiny silver and you have bookends.

Colored Twigs Need color in a corner of a room? Just spray paint some cool looking twigs or small branches red, put them into a vase and set them in the corner!

Sea Shells Spray paint shells for an inexpensive designer trick. Silver, gold and turquoise colors tossed together in a clear glass vase makes for an interesting centerpiece.

Baby's Breath White delicate baby’s breath can be spray painted all sorts of colors. Add red to your flower arrangements, purple to flowers on your hat and a bit of yellow to the front door wreath.

Plastic Garbage Cans These can be sprayed and made into large planters for the outdoor deck. They are large enough to handle huge plants.

Alphabet Magnets Spray paint dollar store alphabet magnets a shiny gold or silver, these look terrific on your refrigerator!

Lamp Shade Spray painted shades can change the entire mood of a room. Dark burgundy or navy blue can darken and soften the light and gold will make things glow

Old Bottles From beer bottles to wine bottles, they can all be painted in many ways to create pieces of art. Wrap tape or rubber bands around the bottle before you spray and create a striped effect or let the paint dribble down the sides before it dries.

Tea spoons Spray the handles of teaspoons different colors to match dinnerware. Be sure not to get any spray paint on the spoon itself, and apply an overcoat for extra wear.

Straws Straws, spray paint and string and hang above your windows as a thin and colorful banner.

Knick-Knacks Tiny statues, ceramic planters, rubber balls, or plastic toys all spray painted the same color and then arranged together on a shelf give a dramatic flair for a room. Christmas ornaments, picture frames and flower pots sprayed with a glossy silver creates a modern feel to a vignette.

Turn a fan into a rainbow Spray paint each blade on a electric fan a different color. When you turn it on, it creates a rainbow! Ceiling fans can be painted all in one color or even a metallic gold

Canning jars Jars of any type can be spray painted the same color and filled with everything from flowers to jewels and toys. These are perfect for centerpieces for weddings, candles and matching storage.

Furniture Spray paint is a great way to up-cycle old furniture. When spraying outdoor furniture, make sure to use the outdoor brand of paint.

Faucets Modernize your kitchen or bathroom faucet by spraying it a copper or red color. This can be done with doorknobs and cupboard handles too.

Flower pots Spray terra cotta pots any color of the garden rainbow to make your backyard bright.

Curtain rods Spray curtain rods a brilliant color to stand out from the curtain.

Curtains Spray your plain old curtains with dots or stripes or freestyle circles. Add pizzaz! It is a great way to pull a room together with color.           

Dollar store pails Spray super silver to give them a metal look.                                                    

Refrigerator Tape your old refrigerator to make stripes and then spray. Remove tape.                                                           

Vents and floor registers Make them look like new again with a colorful spray.                                                                              

Rubber mats Create a colorful Welcome at the front door! Just spray the mat!                                                                                                                         

Vases and lamps look like mercury glass Spritz with water and then spray a coat of Looking Glass spray paint.

Gold Everything Spray everything gold. A pencil holder, the lamp, the table and even the desk.                                                        

Shoes Last minute outfit color coordination can be done with a can of spray paint. Spray paint vinyl shoes any color you like. You can also spray boots.                                                                                                      

Dresser and cabinet hardware Change the same old to the bright and new in the bedroom.                                                                                                

Wicker baskets Easy and cheap and a great way to color up the kitchen by spraying the baskets.                                                                                                                                            

Leather Upholstery Or any upholstery for that matter. You can spray paint directly onto the fabric. Add your own sprayed design.                                                                                                                                           

Fake a mirrored top Glass spray paint can be used on wood to make a table look like it has a glass mirrored top                                                                                                                                           

Bicycles Spray paint your bicycle frame for a new look.                                                                                                        

Counter tops Modernize your counter top with spray paint. You will have to go one step further and seal the counter with gloss polyurethane.                                                                                                             

Outdoor fire pit High heat spray paint is perfect for outdoor fire pits and grills.,

Spray paint is a versatile product to use to change the looks of almost anything. It is easy and quick to use, fast drying and the results are smooth. Wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, tin, ceramics, mirror, glass, plaster, canvas, particle board are all surfaces that can be sprayed with this paint. When out thrifting, going to auctions or garage sales, keep in mind how much a bit of spray paint can change the look of an old beat up piece of outdoor furniture, fabric or even a sculpture and artwork. Up-cycle old items, put a fresh look on a chest of drawers, spice up shoes and make cans and cartons a colorful part of your decor. Spray paint can make your world perfectly beautiful!

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