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Anything look different to you, subscribers and readers? No, it’s not my new haircut, but thanks for noticing. Is it that now you can access the blog by individual topic? Well, that’s part of it. You're getting warmer.

Welcome to Storageunitauctionlist 2.0 ("SUAL.com 2.0") the most refined, attractive, user-friendly and revolutionary storage auction hunting website out there, bar none. We have worked tirelessly to break boundaries and bring you a new incarnation of storageunitauctionlist.com that is visually stimulating, infinitely more searchable, and flat out just fun to play with. We recently launched a press release that touches on all of the site’s stellar new features, but it’s a bit dense. Allow me to give you a succinct run down of what’s hot and new.

A New Search Function Trinity

The account home page is not only sleeker and with larger, more numerous browsing buttons, but the main thing to notice is the all new trifecta of the calendar, the map, and the timeline slider. This new system is the visual, customized version of the classic list, where data is now converted to a map and the map is refined by time period.

The Calendar Plus the Map

The main account pages Calendar shows the number of upcoming for the states you're subscribed to. Click on a single day and a new page will open specifically for that date.  On the new page, the date will be listed above, and below it, a map with icons for every auction location that day. Click on an icon and it will give you all of the pertinent information for that auction: physical address, date, time, and the location/phone of the storage facility holding it. The “classic” data list is also discoverable on the bottom of the main account page.

Also, note that the blue icons on the map always signify caravan auctions, where you will be following the auctioneer from facility to facility within a nearby radius.

The Time Slider Plus the Map

My, how time slides. Back at the main account page, you can adjust the large timeline slider below the map to “This Week,” “Next Week,” and “Month.” Again, this will update the map to the left to reflect only your auctions for that respective time period. It aggregates the data from the list to show you what auctions going on and when. Plan your next week of auction going week out much less painstakingly!

49,000 Facilities Get Their Own Page

I told you we were working hard. Every single major facility we receive information from now has their own web page, which can be pinpointed by location and set to "Alert," which we will discuss in a moment. If you are a new subscriber or a veteran looking to expand your personal auction map, it is now a few clicks that allow you to search and find all hot storage facilities in your town.

Go to your main account page and click the large button above titled “Browse Storage Facilities Near You.” The next page is another map, but of a much different type. Hover over a state and it will give you an analysis of how it ranks as an auction hunting state. By selecting your state of interest, you will be taken to a large list of all the towns /cities that have facilities we partner with. Click on that facility and you have accessed its very new, very own personal page.
Here, you have data for the facility’s own upcoming auctions, as well as auctions that are close by. Here also is its weather that is updated every two hours, just so you know what you are getting yourself into. A large, celebratory banner and button are above that reads, “Set an Alert.” Let’s plunge into these, shall we?

Alerts and Upcoming Auctions

The new site has two columns on the main account page that allow for personal note taking on auctions a user is interested in and allow certain auctions and facilities to be separated from the pack. You will spend a lot less time getting lost in a sea of data this way and more time customizing and fine honing your itinerary.

If you haven’t left the facility page and the “Set an Alert” button above, good for you.  If you have, follow the links above back to it.  A simple click on the Alert Button and a cute little message will appear in the right hand corner that lets you know it has been added to the "Your Auction Alerts" column on your account page.

Find the button that says "Click Here to Access Your Account" (this button is on most of the pages) and be linked back on your main account page. The facility is now in the “Your Auction Alerts” column, where you can set the alert method to SMS (a text message) or e-mail.  In this manner, you can find two or three of your favorite facilities and be automatically notified via phone whenever they list an auction! You won’t have to scramble back to the site on a daily basis to scroll through an unrefined list.  Now, you tell us where you want to go and we do the work for you.

Upcoming Auctions Column

The Upcoming Auctions option is functionally the same as the Alert function, except it deals with setting aside auctions from the list itself, as opposed to individual facilities from a separate database. Think of it has an “add to cart” function, where juicy auctions you have found can subsequently be added to the “Your Auction Alerts” column.

On any auction listing from the classic list at the bottom of the main account page, to the far right is an upward facing arrow button that sends the auction to the Upcoming Column when clicked. It is simply a way of digging the auction out of enormous list.

Whoa. Right beside this button is an “exclamation point” button that is (you guessed it) the button that allows you to send an auction to the “Your Auction Alerts” column directly from the list . If you like the old website, this is our way of keeping the data list searching  intact while sparing you the scribbled on napkin that ends up wadded in your back pocket.  It is a way of sorting the data we provide to your specifications.

Yes, it is much easier to access our blog, as you may have noticed when you accessed it from the main page and clicked on a neat link directly to this article. Remember the old way? It was like searching through an ancient Chinese scroll. Every other page is still intact from the classic site as well: the auction handbook, interesting testimonials, and the About/Contact sections.  Check out our new “Meet the Team” page under the "About" link. We’re all proud to be the face of SUAL.com 2.0.   Please, feel free to post your inner most thoughts, praises, and concerns about the website on our Facebook Page. We will happily discuss anything storage auction related with you, anytime.


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