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Duct Tape


When I went off to college, I left my family home with a suitcase and a trunk.  In those days, we didn’t know who our roommate was and we didn’t have Décor selections at every store far and wide.  In fact, we didn’t even have those big box stores!! So, you negotiated with your mother what immediate pieces you needed to make your dorm room feel like “home”.

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Within the first two weeks of school, we found that we could NOT live without DUCT TAPE!!!! It was a Miracle Product!!!  We repaired the ripped cushions on the college issued “stuffed” chair.  We made a duct tape frame to go around the mirror that was supposed to be hanging from the wall (but wasn’t). We hung our posters with the special tape to cinder block walls because nothing else would stick.  And when the tube broke on the hair dryer…well…Duct Tape!!!!!!



Just as I promised in the last Blog


Here is a Top 10 List of MY Duct Tape Uses


Fix plastic drawers:   As an artist, I have a half dozen, if not more plastic drawer sets.  You know the ones.  You buy them cheap at a big box store and they last for a while and then you put something too heavy in the drawer and, well, plastic cracks!!! So, I just covered up all the cracks, held together the drawer all with Duct Taper and Voila!! New Drawer!!


Make a belt:   I had just bought a new pair of pants to wear at another job I had.  I got to work and realized that the pants were NOT going to stay Up!!!! So I went to the back room, found some Duct Tape; folded it into thirds so there was no sticky side and threaded this long Duct Tape Belt through the loops and Voila!!!! Pants stayed up and I had a beautiful silver belt!!

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Fix an air mattress:   I have an extra bedroom set all dressed and ready to go for visitors, but recently, I had extra guests.  So, out came the double air mattress.  We blew it up and started digging around for sheets and blankets.  A few minutes later, the air mattress was nearly flat!!! So, we blew it up again, but this time, we listened for the hissing sound of leaking air!! We found the little itsy bitsy pinhole and covered it quickly with a piece of Duct Tape! Voila!! Filled air mattress and everyone had a good night’s sleep!!


Fix broken pipes:   I probably have 20 stories about fixing broken pipes with Duct Tape!!! I have a propensity for living in older homes and things (especially pipes) have a mind of their own!!!! I am certainly NOT a plumber and am usually not strong enough to take one of those huge wrenches and unscrew and then re-screw in pipe joints.  So it has always been my method to just turn off the water to the leaky pipe, wrap it in Duct Tape and call a Plumber!!! But, there was the time that I had gone to Sam’s Club and was enticed into buying one of those 36 roll packs of toilet paper!! When I got home, I neatly stuffed all those rolls under the bathroom sink and gloated that I wouldn’t have to buy toilet paper again for months!!! Oh….wishful thinking!!!! Somewhere between nightly showers and lights out, the pipe decided to POP and there went all 36 rolls before I could even get to the nozzle to turn off the water!! Duct Tape was wrapped around the pipe and a big bag of soggy paper made its way to the garbage can!!! But, on the good side of things, the Duct Tape held until the Plumber arrived the next day and, Voila!!  I found a $3 coupon for another 36 rolls of TP!!!!!!

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Fix eyeglasses:   I was one of the lucky ones and didn’t have to start wearing glasses until later in life. After several years of wearing cheap “readers” from dollar stores, I decided to finally spring for REAL eyeglasses!!! WOW!  They are expensive!!! So, the day that my glasses flew off my head while I was chasing one of my many cats, and I accidentally stepped on said glasses and broke them in half, my checking account dictated that a bit of Duct Tape around the center nose arch would have to be enough for a week or two!! Not only did this trick work like a Miracle, but, Voila!! I looked sincerely like a Genius!!!


Fix Hoses:   It doesn’t matter if it’s a vacuum hose or a garden hose!!! Duct Tape Fixes hoses!!!! I have used the tape on the vacuum hose when dust was burping forth in great huge clouds through my house!!! With in seconds all old dust had been sucked back up and new dirt joined the crowd!!! And it doesn’t matter that water is spurting 50 yards from a cracked hose, Duct Tape wrapped tightly, stops the leakage and, Voila!! Saves the garden!!


Fix Screens:   My adorable; wonderful, sweet kitty cats like to go outside…NOW, If I don’t move fast enough, they pick at the screen until I open the door!  This has caused countless screen problems!!!!  So, I have found, that if you get a rip or tear in a screen, you can cut a piece of Duct Tape in a certain kind of shape (heart) and put one shape on one side of the screen and a copy of the same shape on the other side of the screen and they will stay in place forever and, Voila!!  The cats won’t even try to pick at it!!!

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Redo Pots for Plants:   I live in Florida!  It is a Jungle out there!  My plants grow like, well, like they live in a jungle!!!!  I have a fern that started its life with me in a regular 10” pot several years ago.  The next year I broke the fern in half so that I had 2 ferns, both put into 10” pots.  Then, last year, both ferns had grown so much that I ended up putting each one into one of those huge plastic tubs that are used for pool toys.  But, this spring, I had a real problem on my hands with these fabulous ferns!  First, they were so heavy in these tubs that they were hard to move around when I wanted to rearrange the patio area.  Second, the plastic tubs had started to disintegrate because of Florida heat, sun and salt air.  When I went to move the tubs…cccrrRRRAAAAAACCCcckkkk!!!! In pure frustration and due to checkbook restraints I needed to keep the ferns in these tubs until more suitable homes could be found! (I rent my home so I don’t want to put the ferns in the ground and transplanting a fern can become dangerous to their lives!)  So….I got out the Magical Duct Tape and began wrapping and wrapping and wrapping all around the tub and Voila!!! A beautiful new tub and ferns are saved for another season!!


Protect wood floors from Chairs and Rollers:   Because I just had new wood floors put down in my home, I have been concerned over scratches and marks.  Of course, the company that made the floors and the company that laid the floors all said that they guaranteed No Scratches!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I’ve heard that before!!! So, just in case, I put Duct Tape Squares on the bottom of the rollers on my office chair, rollers on the bottom of my easel, and on the bottom of all chairs and couches.  I was able to cut all of these protectors to the exact size of the furniture leg so that you don’t even see the little cushion Duct Tape!  Voila!!! Floors Saved!!


Fix a boat: My sons bought my husband a canoe for his birthday with their savings years ago when the boys were quite young.  The gift was from the heart and deeply felt by all of them.  They took so many camping trips together all over Michigan and Florida and as a Family we would go out bird watching and just taking a leisurely float down a quiet river. The canoe was called the Swanee Cooter and it was used and loved.

When my husband passed a few years ago, no one could touch the Swanee Cooter.  So it has been sitting on sawhorses on the side of the house since that time.  Recently, My oldest son decided it was finally time to put the Swanee back into operation as he now has children of his own and he wants to share the same experiences that he had with his dad.  So, we hauled the canoe off the sawhorses and looked her all over.  Time did a bit of damage, but my son promised me he would fix it.  So, the Swanee Cooter was loaded into a truck and off she went to take my grand daughters on their first canoe adventure.  My son just sent me pictures of he and the girls in the canoe.  Guess what kept it afloat and sailing around on a small lake?  Yup!!! Voila!!!  Duct Tape!!!!


Duct Tape has come a looooooong way, baby (remember that commercial from the 60’s?)  And now it comes in colors and patterns and shapes and sheets and offers even more opportunities for it to be a completely Unique, Miraculous and Wonderful Invention!!

Viva La Duct Tape!!!

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 Here are some great websites to check out for more ideas on how to use duct tape to solve all your needs!!!


Until next time…

Keep on Junkin’


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