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There is that moment of elation when the auctioneer shouts out “Sold!” And then there is the next moment when you can’t wait to see what you have just bought!  And then reality sets in and you have to very quickly figure out what to do with all of the items. Here are some helpful hints.


You have to move quickly because the unit you just bought needs to be emptied out immediately or else you will have to start paying for it. If you can, sort the large items in the storage unit on the spot so you know what you have before you load them up. Things like boxes or drawers in dressers and suitcases and plastic tubs can be gone through once you get everything home. But, if there are large items that are in bad shape and you know as being totally worthless, there’s no need in transporting  them back home just to take them to the dump later. If you have researched the items and you know their value and know that some are trash, then make a pile for those things. As a matter of fact, make three piles. One is to go to the dump. One is to sell and one is keep for your own use. If there are items you are are not sure what you are going to do with them, then create another pile so at the end of the clean out process you can have another consideration. Perhaps those things will go with you so that you can research them later.  

When you get home or your landing place, you need to make it a priority to sort these items quickly. The sooner you sort the sooner you can sell them and the less time they’ll be sitting around collecting dust and possibly losing value.You can further sort the items by category like furniture, collectibles, household items, etc. Some people sort them by how they will be sold. EBay stuff goes in one area. Craigslist and Swip Swap goes in another. And another is for yard sales and consignment shops.


When you have everything sorted and with their destination in mind, you are ready to load up your truck, trailer or van and have ready to access tie downs, tarps and old blankets. You may also want to carry some extra cartons or boxes for any breakable items that aren’t wrapped. Many times items in a storage unit have just been dropped off and not packed for a move. It is then a good idea to also have some wrapping plastic or paper and a few boxes so that you can repack these things yourself. You want to make sure that your winning products arrive undamaged. You don’t want to risk losing any profits by moving damaged items. Once you have your items in place and wrapped and packed, you are ready to load. First, pack the treasures in the front of the vehicle and then leave the junk or trash at the back so you can go straight to the dumpster and get rid of it easily. There are a few general moving rules that can apply to this kind of packing up. Place the heavier items on the bottom with lighter items on top. Take out any drawers from bureaus or desk to make them easier to move, but be sure to secure any items in these drawers so you can sort through them later. Wrap any DVD, CD players and small appliances in old blankets or towels. Wrap mirrors or paintings or other breakable items.Remove bulbs in lamps and wrap the cords around the lamp. Place any computers or printers in protective cartons. Take extra care with and gas grills, lawn equipment or power tools that may have gas or fuel in them. Also, make sure to secure and unload any firearms before moving.

Personal Items

Personal items like photos or financial records need to go back to the main office of the storage facility and to the manager. The storage facilities can look up the records of the person who was renting the unit and try and return them.


You will have lots of junk and trash that comes with the winning bid. If it is possible, use the dumpster at the storage facility. If there is a large amount of things to throw away, then you can rent a dumpster from a company that will deliver it to the unit. Again, you will have a limited amount of time to have the dumpster there according to the facility and the trash company. Make sure that everyone is in agreement as to what that time allotment is and how much extra it will cost. Also, make sure that the temporary dumpster is not blocking another storage unit and that it is large enough to accommodate everything that will be thrown away.

If you don’t need a huge rented dumpster and if you pack your truck right, your first stop should be at the dump with any large items you can’t resell like mattresses or broken appliances. Your next stop might be the Goodwill store or another charitable organization that might want any of the items that you don’t want to sell. If there’s anything you think can unload for free, try to. Not only is it a good way to help these organizations, it is tax deductible and it is less that you have to pay a landfill. Pack the truck in accordance to this journey. First stop junk should be at the end of the truck and so on.

Essential Tools

Bring a powerful flashlight to check out things in and under items you just bought, a bottle of water for hot days, padlocks for each unit you bid and win in case you need to leave it to go grab lunch and cleanup supplies, such as a broom and garbage bags to finish cleaning storage units you’ve won bids for.

Every self storage facility will have a different time frame for cleaning out the unit. Typically, you will have 24-48 hours following the storage unit auction to completely remove all contents from the storage unit. If you need more time, please talk to the manager of that particular self storage facility. The manager is the ONLY person who can allow you more time to clean out the unit. provides listings for storage auctions in the US. We have detailed handbooks available for your reference to help you succeed at any and all auction types. We offer subscribers the largest database of storage auctions across the country, providing information on auctions in all fifty states and over 51,000 facilities. If you have recently started attending auctions, or are considering attending your first storage unit auction. We urge you to give us a try! We do the research, and you get the rewards!

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