Strange Storage Unit Stories: Snakes! Why did it have to be Snakes?!

Before we begin, no unfortunate buyer ended up with this storage unit full of snakes. This unit never went to auction and was reported to police due to abandoned animals. With that said let us move into the reason you are reading, Snakes.

On May 25,2017 a story broke in The Tribune that Animal Services officers were called to an Arroyo Grande storage unit to recover 42 Ball Pythons. The snakes had been stored in plastic storage bins and 22 of them were already dead upon arrival of the officers, with the Tribune stating that they were found in "varying states of decomposition". The 20 surviving snakes were taken to the Animal Services shelter for evaluation. To say that this would come as a bit of a surprise when opening up a storage unit would be a bit of an understatement as most of us don't expect to find animals (outside of maybe a raccoon or a couple mice) stored away in the storage unit. Especially not 42 pythons stored away in plastic containers. There is currently a pending investigation into this incident and there will likely be animal cruelty charges filed against the owner of the storage unit.

This incident encapsulates the nature of storage unit auctions, in that you never know what you are going to find behind that door. Sometimes you could find assorted knick knacks, others perhaps a rare and spectacular find, and still others can include an inordinate amount of snakes. So keep an eye out when you are out and about, venturing from auction to auction. You never know what you might find, however you do know where you can always find all of the information about auctions in your location in one convenient place,

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Image Courtesy of the Tribune 

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