Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee to your subscribers?

Yes we do! We are the largest auction listing source in the country. We are listing in the neighborhood of 130,000+ auctions EACH MONTH! We can guarantee that our subscribers are using the largest all-in-one, easy-to-use auction resource available.

How many auctions do you list on your site?

Since our origins in 2011, we have listed over 250,000 auctions for Storage Unit facilities specifically. As we continue to expand our database to provide you with information on every form of auction across the country, we will be bringing you a total of around 200,000 auction listings every month.

How often do you update your auction data?

We update our auction lists every day of the week! In fact, that is what makes StorageUnitAuctionList so unique. Our team of auction locators and verifiers are constantly on the phone and answering emails to make sure that the information is up-to-date all the time. It’s like having your own personal auction executive assistant 24/7!

How much does your service cost?

With our new zip code-based subscription program, it’s entirely up to you and your needs. Monthly subscriptions start at around $5 and yearly subscriptions are as low as $50. Depending upon how wide the radius around your chosen zip code, those prices may increase.

Where do you find all of your information for these auctions?

We work very hard to ensure that our database is the one of the largest online source of auctions listed anywhere. On an average month, we review nearly 150,000 auction sources, including newspapers, public notices, emails and annual calendars from our partner locations.

Does StorageUnitAuctionList have auctions that aren't listed anywhere else?

You better believe it! We estimate that around 20% of our auctions are EXCLUSIVE and are available to our subscribers only, giving you a head start in the quest to find and win at more auctions throughout the country.

What is a "Sealed Bid" auction?

Sometimes special auctions in specific states do not require an auctioneer. When this happens, bids are accepted in writing to the auction location, and StorageUnitAuctionList can alert you as to when these Sealed Bid auctions start. Each location’s procedure differs, so we encourage you to contact them directly for further details.

Are there any auctions coming up in my state, specifically?

Without question! StorageUnitAuctionList has data for all 50 states including DC. Simply sign up for a 7-day trial subscription and happy hunting!

Why are some zip code subscriptions cheaper than others?

Depending upon the range of your subscription radiating out from your chosen zip code, you may find that rates will vary. Each subscription price reflects the amount of auctions available in that area and how much work we have to do to confirm each auction within that range.

I found a few auctions listed on a competitor's free website. Can't I just use those and save some money?

We’ll be the first to tell you that you can find at least some of this data for free in other places. However, if you are spending more than 30 minutes each month to research, organize, and confirm auction locations & times, our subscribers enjoy this information and much more for a very reasonable monthly or yearly rate.

What does provide besides a list of upcoming auctions?

Our goal is to help you find more auctions, attain more items for resale, and earn more cash! So, we take the time to research, verify and organize each state’s scheduled auctions so you’ll know when and where auctions are taking place. By keeping in contact with auction locations, we save you the time and hassle of having to confirm auctions and let you know as soon as possible in the event of a cancelled auction, saving you the trip. For relevant auction formats, we provide the estimated amount of items available for bid. We also provide convenient and flexible search & alert/messaging features so you never have to miss out on an auction in your subscribed area.

What types of auctions are available on your site? provides subscribers to listings for Government Auctions; Auto, Boat, & RV Auctions; Police Auctions, Estate Auctions; Fundraiser Auctions; Storage Auctions; and more.

When can I access my new subscription and get started?

You can log in and start hunting as soon as you register for the site. If you haven’t registered yet, click HERE to get started now!

I want to keep using your services, but am worried about remembering to renew my subscription each month. Any suggestions?

Don’t worry about it. We offer an easy monthly recurring subscription option for you. If you are thinking long term, we have you covered there, too! Order a yearly subscription and we’ll give you two months FREE.

How can I cancel my subscriptions?

You may cancel your subscriptions and manage your Chargebee payment accounts, from top-right menu [My Account => Profile]. If you paid via Paypal, then you may cancel by logging into Paypal portal and adjusting the recurring payments.

Can I purchase multiple zip codes?

Of course you can! We find that many of our subscribers enjoy the efficiency of our zip code and radius-based subscription model; however, if you are going to be in multiple regions across the country, you can subscribe to as many specific areas as you can handle!