What Our Clients Are Saying:

I am extremely happy and satisfied with your service. Not only with your website being so user friendly, your customer service staff have been extremely helpful with any questions that I have ever had. I would recommend your website over any other website or service out there to anyone!

-Teresa from Ohio

The site is easy to use and I appreciate the updated information if the auction has been verified or cancelled. My wife & I love the site. We get on the site the evening before an auction and plan our day. We will be using this site for a long long time!!!!!

-Robert from Ohio

What do I like most about StorageUnitAuctionList.com? I feel that SUAL is a young and flexible site that is more than willing to learn and grow with its subscribers. I love the interaction through Facebook and the blog; I love the contests and the free listings. I love the “we want to grow with you” attitude that SUAL puts out. It made my decision to subscribe to StorageUnitAuctionList easy.

-Mike from Washington

SUAL is so easy to use. Makes going to auctions fun and easy. I have never found a problem or inaccuracy in any listing. Great site and I love some of the new ideas for website changes, will help me organize trips and make sure I am returning to the best sites. Thanks!

-Kim from Kentucky

StorageUnitAuctionList.com has made it possible for me to open my own store and to keep a rotating stock. Since they have all the auctions posted in one easy to use place, I can attend more auctions and be more selective about the ones I attend.

-Chuck from Louisiana

Storage Unit Auction List has allowed me to find auctions that only 2 or 3 other bidders were going against me on. I have won almost every auction that I truly wanted. Great list, Great resource and Very Helpful on all customer service issues.

-Ben from Kansas

It allows me accurate information all in one place. Each time I use StorageUnitAuctionList I feel as if I am on a treasure hunt. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful tool.

-Diane from Maryland

I love how I can utilize this site to help me help myself to become self-employed, to be able to not have to deal with drama in jobs. I’m being blessed daily by this site.

-Nechelle from Georgia

By far the best site to keep me informed on auctions in our area. By not being near a large city, we rely on small town auctions and Storage Unit Auction List keeps us informed.

-Robert from Texas

I love being able to see so many auctions for my area on one site. This site has helped me to be able to hit more auctions each day. It has helped me build my business. Thank you!

-Leah from Florida

It has changed my life. We just starting going to auctions about a year ago and I know I can always rely on the website to find me auctions so I can make $$$. I lost my job about 3 months ago and I’m an auction hunter everyday I’m not selling!!! Thanks, I wouldn’t be doing this if you guys didn’t make it so easy to find the auctions!

-Michael from Pennsylvania