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You never know what you will win in a Texas Storage Auction. Considering the state's large size and population, diverse peoples, and booming economy, it could be anything! But these factors also make it difficult to pinpoint exactly when, where, and which, Storage Unit Auction facility suits your needs best. Make Storage Unit Auction List your one-stop place to find these answers. We offer thousands of exclusive storage unit auctions (as well as every other type of auction) in an easy to view manner in order to make your auction-hunting experience as easy as possible. Register now and you will receive instant access to every Storage Unit Auction in Texas!

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Most people are aware of A&E's hit television series Storage Wars, and all of its uncovered treasures. The bidders of Storage Wars usually come away from auction with something great! Sometimes its an antique car, a rare and/or well preserved newspaper, a Spanish doubloon, perhaps? Many people, however, are unfamiliar with the show's regionalized spin-off show, Storage Wars: Texas; whose bidders also, almost always come away with something fun, unique, and if they're lucky, valuable! While un-televised storage auctions generally don't produce quite as impressive results as Storage Wars or Storage Wars: Texas, they sometimes do! Texas, being as geographically and culturally immense as it is, has plenty of opportunities to attend, bid, and win, amazing storage units. The very fact that Storage Wars: Texas even exists is testament of the potential success when participating in storage auctions in the state. People in Texas routinely win storage units at auction only to sell what they find for top-dollar amounts! Other times, people refurbish items that they then decide to keep or sell for profit.

Fun Facts About Texas Storage Unit Auctions

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    Dallas, Texas saw the country's largest Storage Unit Auction (over 800 units!) when Spike's Auction Hunter's traveled there. The big winner of the day won a unit worth $20,000 that was filled with antique guns and slot cars.
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    Texas has one of the highest gross state product rates (GSP) in the world! GSP is often associated with a state/country's standard of living. So what does this mean for you? A much higher chance of winning big at storage auctions!
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    Storage Wars: Texas is a reality television show on A&E that premiered in 2011. It is a regionalized spin-off of the ultra-popular series Storage Wars. During the shows three seasons, bidder's traveled all over the state and encountered finds as var
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    Are you an avid gun collector? Perhaps you should visit a Texas Storage Auction. Texas is full of gun enthusiasts looking to make a buck off their collection. In fact, someone recently won an antique Winchester buffalo rifle on Storage Wars: Texas.
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    Texas has the most farms and the most acreage out of any other U.S. state! This makes farm equipment and machinery easy to attain for an affordable price at storage unit auctions.

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